The simple solution to view and compare Gene Ontology under DAG Structure

Sample file for Biological Process, searching by GO ID

GOView Manual


GOView is a web-based application, which allows users visualize and compare multiple provided GO term lists in a directed acyclic graph (DAG) to reveal relationships among the terms. Through the use of tightly coupled, interactive visualization of clickable venn diagram (or sortable heatmap) and GO DAG, GOView allows easy comparison of multiple GO term lists to identify common and specific biological themes. GOView employs highly efficient software library and powerful visualization components to enable fast plotting, navigation and analysis of the GO DAG..

Beginning an analysis:

Choose parameters

Select ontology and then ID type in the left drop down menu.

Input list names

Input the list name in the bottom-left side of the screen and GOView will create an input box under the left drop down menu. The user may type in the desired name for each GO list before adding the GO terms for each list, up to 10 lists.

Enter in GO terms for each list

Enter the GO terms of each list in the created boxes. The GO list should be separated by new lines.

Upload a GVF file

Users can also upload a GVF file (the format of GVF file can be found at the top of the page) in the bottom-left side of the screen, which can automatically create and fill the input box for each GO list.

GOView is developed and maintained by Zihao Ma, Jing Wang, and Bing Zhang at the Zhang Lab