WEB-based GEne SeT AnaLysis Toolkit
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Parameters Printed to Results: The uploaded User Id File Name, Id Type, Ref Type, and parameters chosen for enrichment analysis are now printed to the results page, html and tsv files. Also, there is a params file with the download that has the parameters used for a particular analysis.


WebGestalt now supports human GWAS studies. IDs from Affymetrix and Illumina Human SNP Arrays are now supported by WebGestalt. Gene lists from Affymetrix SNP 6.0, SNP 5.0, 500K, 100K, and 10K SNP arrays are recognized by both probe IDs and dbSNP rs numbers. Gene lists from Illumina OmniExpres and Omni1_Quad arrays are recognized by dbSNP rs numbers. dbSNP rs numbers that are not on these arrays can also be used as input. In this case, you may choose the genome as a reference for the enrichment analysis.

WebGestalt is currently developed and maintained by Jing Wang and Bing Zhang at the Zhang Lab. Other people who have made significant contribution to the project include Dexter Duncan, Stefan Kirov, Zhiao Shi, and Jay Snoddy.

Funding credits: NIH/NIAAA (U01 AA016662, U01 AA013512); NIH/NIDA (P01 DA015027); NIH/NIMH (P50 MH078028, P50 MH096972); NIH/NCI (U24 CA159988); NIH/NIGMS (R01 GM088822).